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Brian David Charles, owner, provides consulting services and expert testimony.  His principle area of expertise is in the area of motor vehicle accident reconstruction, crash analysis and associated fields.  This includes field investigations to preserve evidence, photographic documentation, reconstruction of the crash, analysis of vehicle, occupant and roadway environment issues leading up to the crash.  This often includes human factors as it relates to accident reconstruction. 

Typical issues analyzed are visibility, perception, reaction and evaluation of a driver’s or pedestrian’s response preceding a crash.  This includes the use of photography to demonstrate and analyze visibility issues.  He has conducted hundreds of visibility experiments and tests under daylight, nighttime and various lighting conditions. 

Mr. Charles routinely provides analysis and opinions relating to crash severity and general occupant motion in a crash event.  The use of sophisticated computer simulation programs and other accepted methodologies are utilized in the analysis of vehicle collisions, occupant motion and vehicle dynamics before, during and after a collision. 

Mr. Charles’ firm routinely provides other services such as forensic mapping, vehicle airbag and power control module downloads, and analysis of electronic control module data on heavy equipment.  He is certified to download and analyze GM, Ford and Chrysler airbag modules supported by the CDR system.  He is accredited (#78) by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (A.C.T.A.R.) since 1992.

Mr. Charles has been qualified in State and Federal courts to provide testimony in the areas of accident reconstruction, photography, photogrammetry and videography.  Other areas include pre-impact speeds, occupant motion, visibility, perception, reaction, driver strategy, vehicle motion, crash severity, vehicle response in crashes, driver induced vehicle motion, and vehicle dynamics.  These areas are all from the perspective of his work in crash reconstruction and analysis.


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